Ajakwetv.com came to be due to the lack of diversity in original programming on web channels currently servicing the Internet. Instead of boycotting these channels or singing "We Shall Overcome" for what is likely an unintentional oversight, Michael Ajakwe Jr. decided to simply start his own web channel showcasing his original series and the original series of other Creators of Color. Ajakwetv.com asks that its viewers donate $1 to help support this minority-owned and independently-operated site and so that its content creators may continue to make more shows. In exhange for your donation, you may chose up to 3 episodes from any one series we offer. We welcome your comments, encourage you to tell your family and friends about our programming, appreciate your generosity and thank you in advance for giving us a chance to exist (smile).


“Ajakwetv.com is dedicated to anyone out there who wants to do something but thinks you can’t. I’m here to tell you that you can. It might be hard and you might not have much help, but trust me when I say you can still do it. Just stay away from dream killers, don’t get bitter, put in the work and don’t give up. You can do it.

I appreciate your $1 donation, hope you enjoy my programming and, if you do, tell more of your co-workers, friends and family about it because I cannot exist without your support. Thank you.”

- Michael Ajakwe, Jr.


Special Acknowledgment to D Knowledge and his brilliant spoken word poem "THe Revolution"

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